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  • Liftmaster EL25
Liftmaster EL25

Liftmaster EL25

  • Description: The EL25 is capable of accepting up to 2,000 totally flexible codes, making the EL25 ideal for virtually any installation. Unlike other systems, the EL25 may be purchased as a base unit or can be orde
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·  The EL25 utilizes our new Versa XS 4.0 menu-driven software configuration and database management tool with a simple user interface designed with you in mind. It includes FREE cloud storage for reliable data sharing and backup.

 Safety and Security

·  Answer a call from the door or gate while in the middle of another outside call with Call Waiting.

·  Easily enter your PIN with the recessed, lighted and ADA-compliant keypad.

·  Automatically dials the residence when a vehicle approaches the property with auto-sensor input.

·  Provides a unique double-ring on the system’s main telephone line to distinguish between a standard phone call and a visitor request call.

·  Program up to 16 separate holidays with defined override commands.

·  Customize access in up to 62 time zones with three segments each.

·  Stores a minimum of 8,000 transactions including date, time, ID and transaction type.

·  Generates activity reports and allows printing of the database.

·  Programs up to four assignable relays.

·  Mounts on the back plate for easy wiring and installation.

·  Versa XS is our menu driven software configuration and database management tool for EL25 Telephone Entry Systems. 

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