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  • Liftmaster IPAC
Liftmaster IPAC

Liftmaster IPAC

  • 1.Withstands -20°F to 130°F,
  • 2.Full on-screen keyboard
  • 3.Program up to 50,000 residents
  • Description: LiftMaster® IPAC (Internet Protocol Access Control) is the first Internet-enabled outdoor access control system with Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Visit LiftMaster.com/IPAC for additional infor
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·  Eliminates long distance fees and replace old analog phone lines with VoIP technology phone lines.

·  Avoid rust, scratches, and dent with an aircraft aluminum alloy front panel.

·  Enclosed in weather tight construction (IP65 rated).

·  Withstands -20°F to 130°F, providing year-round protection.

·  Easy to use 10" color touchscreen

·  Full on-screen keyboard lets guests quickly find a resident’s name without scrolling and enter the gate or door.

·  Easily readable in any light with reflective coating and auto dimming.

·  Durable protective screen withstands constant use.

Safety and Security

·  Program up to 50,000 residents, so you’ll never run out of system memory.

·  Make updates 24/7 through an IP address (no software to install), so you never have to take IPAC offline.

·  Manage resident info from any browser on your LAN, so you do not have to physically visit the unit.


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