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  • Liftmaster KPW250
Liftmaster KPW250

Liftmaster KPW250

  • 1. temporary PINs can be set for 1 to 9 uses
  • 2.Electronics are fully sealed
  • Description: Built to deliver unbeatable performance in tough environments, LiftMaster KPW250 enables a more modern, streamlined access solution that’s simpler than ever to install and use. Perfect for larger comm
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·  Compatible with Security+ 2.0, Security+, as well as Linear Multi-Code 300 MHz

·  250 permanent PINs and 10 unique temporary PINs mean flexibility to set up multiple users for commercial settings; unique temporary PINs can be set for 1 to 9 uses

·  Allows for removal of a single PIN while maintaining full access for other users

·  Electronics are fully sealed and meet NEMA 4X water protection requirements

·  An industry-leading 5-year lithium battery improves performance in cold weather (based on 25 activations per day)

Safety and Security

·  Zinc-alloy metal front cover for tough environments

·  Blue backlit metal keypad makes it easy to use under low-light conditions

·  A fully enclosed internal antenna means better protection from both vandalism and the elements

·  Easily surface mounted or on a standard pedestal


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